Wi-Fi: Enabled, Bridged. Can’t Modify Network Connection Settings on Windows 10

By | 2019-01-22

Wi-Fi: Enabled, Bridged – What Does It Mean? If you have a wireless network card in your computer (laptops always have one) and you open the Network connections (press Win+R, type ncpa.cpl and hit Enter), you may see Enabled, Bridged under your Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, you will probably see Not connected in front of IPv4 and… Read More »

What is a Network Security Key (Wi-Fi Password) and How to View It

By | 2018-12-03

What is Network Security Key? Wireless Network Security Key (also known as Wi-Fi Password, Wireless Passphrase) is a secret symbols combination that acts as a password when a client device (computer, tablet, phone) connects to a wireless network. It is the most important credential in wireless networking. The more complicated the network security key is –… Read More »