How to Make Your Router Use Only WPA3 Security Mode for Wi-Fi

use WPA3 only for Wi-Fi

WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access III) is the newest authentication method. It was developed to replace its predecessor WPA2.

For the past ten years the latter has been considered the most common and safest security mode. But the future has already arrived and it’s a high time to improve your wireless security.

It goes without saying that if you want to benefit from using the router that features WPA3 you need to have a client device that also supports this technology.

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5 Steps to Enable 5 GHz Wi-Fi on TP-Link Router

Enable 5 GHz band on TP-Link Wi-Fi Router

Most routers are able to work simultaneously in 2 frequency ranges. 5 GHz range gets more and more popular every day, especially as new devices with the 802.11ax standard are released.

Thus, the recently introduced iPhone 11 supports Wi-Fi 6 standard and its owners already have a number of wireless routers with 802.11ax support to choose from.

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Security Mode: Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA3? – Which One to Use?

Here is my piece of advise concerning which security mode to use – WEP, WPA, WPA2 or WPA3. I will update this article as the new wireless equipment is released to meet the real world conditions. As you might understand, in perfect you should of course use the latest version because it is up-to-date in all meanings of these words – more safe and more secure.

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What is a Network Security Key and How to Find It

What is Wireless Network Security Key

On this page I will explain:

What is Network Security Key?

Wireless Network Security Key (also known as Wi-Fi Password, Wireless Passphrase) is a secret symbols combination that acts as a password when a client device (computer, tablet, phone) connects to a wireless network. It is the most important credential in wireless networking.

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Wi-Fi Network Link Speed Is 150 Mbps Instead of 300 Mbps (or 72 instead of 150)

72 Mbps Wi-Fi Link speed

The Question – How to Make a Wi-Fi Module Work in Full Duplex?

I use 300 Mbps Wi-Fi adapter on my Windows 10 PC but in connection properties it shows only 150 Mbps instead of 300 Mbps link speed. I also have another Wireless USB adapter. There is a “High-gain 150 Mbps” label on it. But when I connect it and install all necessary drivers the connection speed is 72 Mbps.

I also have several Android devices. They show the same low link speed in a wireless network properties – 72 Mbps. Why do I always have only half claimed speed? How can I speed up my Wi-Fi connection? I have a rather modern TP-Link Archer wireless router. 

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